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Auto Services in the Farmington Area

We provide a wide range of reliable auto services for those in and around the Farmington area. Our shop services include tire replacement, diagnosis and inspection, drive train repairs, engine work, and so much more! We also provide engine performance and emissions services. Check out our services below. If you would like to schedule an appointment at The Wrench, stop in or give us a call today.


Car brake replacement
Your brakes are the most crucial system for your vehicle’s maximized functionality. We provide maintenance and repair services for brakes to ensure you can safely navigate the roads. It is imperative you take your vehicle into a shop as soon as you sense that something is off. Some common signs of brake issues are a spongy feeling when braking, odd noises, or pedal vibrations.


Auto tune up
We offer tune-ups that include comprehensive inspection, diagnosis, and small repairs for the systems that need it most. Our mechanics recommend you take your car in for a tune-up at least twice a year to ensure your vehicle is running as smoothly as possible. Tune-ups will also provide some preventative measures for minor incidents in the future.

Diesel Engines

Diesel engine
We have experience with regular and diesel engines alike. If your diesel vehicle needs an engine replacement or maintenance and repair work, our expert mechanics are available to get you back up and running as soon as possible. We service GM Duramax, Dodge and Ford Power Stroke engines.


Auto electrical service
Our electrical services are available to ensure your systems are efficiently running and ready to give your vehicle the power it needs for optimal functionality. We will make sure all aspects of your systems are in complete working condition to provide you with what you need when you need it. We offer electrical and wiring repairs of all kinds.

Steering and Suspension

Steering wheel
Steering and suspension services are available if your vehicle is having trouble turning. Whether you need a minor fix or an entire replacement, the mechanics at The Wrench are skilled in repairing steering and suspension systems.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Car heating and cooling vents
If your heating and air conditioning is not working as it should, bring your vehicle to us for comprehensive servicing. Don’t wait for the weather to get too hot or cold! As you know, these systems make a big difference to the comfort of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment right away.

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